At PFREUNDT we invented mobile weighing systems as early as 1979. Thanks to our innovative development, we were the first company in the world to receive a calibration license for this form of weighing. Today we are the market leader – and at the same time a workplace with a special atmosphere. We have achieved this pioneer role over the last four decades with a high standard of quality, customer focus and outstanding performance of our teams.

The company history of PFREUNDT is shaped by pioneer spirit and innovative force. This makes us today – and for some time now – a sought-after partner for mobile and stationary weighing technology. Currently there are over 40,000 PFREUNDT systems in use around the world.

Our motivating commitment has always been to make elaborate, time-intensive work processes for determining weight easier for our customers. With a zest for action and a cooperative attitude we work on making your work processes simpler, more accurate and more transparent.

To do this we work and learn in communicative teams, benefiting from our innovative projects as we receive extensive support in all areas of the working world. But our visionary spirit extends beyond our technological development efforts: We are also advancing with rapid strides in training and qualification, on environmental and ecological issues and in digitization. 

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PFREUNDT: Experts in modern weighing technology worldwide

Since 1979 we have been planning, developing and marketing weighing systems at PFREUNDT. From our company headquarters in Südlohn, Germany, an extensive service network spans the globe for our customers: In addition to mobile weighing systems, we also offer the corresponding software and the necessary data transfer systems. We are represented worldwide in the extraction, agricultural, industrial, disposal and recycling sectors with our innovative products. Our extensive network of sales and service representatives guarantees fast support at any time and in all places. Our quality management system meets the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001.

Overview of PFREUNDT

  • Weighing systems, software and data transfer systems for customers worldwide
  • Extensive service network for fast support and cost-effective service
  • Quality management in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001

Our goals: Work together perfectly, optimize consistently and learn from each other

Working together as partners with customers, suppliers and employees is a true labor of love for us. We strive for continuous improvement in all our products and services. Our employee are qualified through continuous initial and advanced training measures. 

We see challenges that come up as an opportunity to recognize potential and use it to improve. We are continuously improving our communication.

Overview of our goals

  • Continuous optimization of our processes, products and services
  • Continuous training of our employees
  • Partnership-based collaboration with customers, suppliers and employee

Our standard of quality: Friendly, or if you will "PFREUNDT-ly" interactions – successful together

As the world market leader we have representatives around the globe. Our market position is secured through high quality standards, our personal interactions with customers and outstanding performance in all areas. We understand personal interactions at PFREUNDT in terms of a symphony orchestra where each individual plays their instrument in harmony with all the others. Every musician is needed for a harmonious sound, from first violin to timpani.

Every employee is esteemed equally as a human being regardless of their origin, religion, status, training or position in the company.

An overview of our standard of quality

  • High quality standards apply to both production and personal interactions
  • Harmonious atmosphere within the team as the basis for collaborative work
  • All employees are given equal esteem regardless of status, training, position, religion or origin

Our philosophy: Innovation and reliability, curiosity and harmony

Our employees are customer-oriented, reliable and dependable. A high level of individual responsibility is important for us. We address every change with curiosity and motivation. We recognize that errors do happen, and that they offer us learning possibilities. We communicate openly about this. Every voice should, can and may be heard in the company. 

Our company is and will remain a family-run business with a personal atmosphere. We do more than simply promote professional development. We help to bring professional and family demands into harmony, for example with a company child care concept. An optimum working environment, excellent employee benefits and the right to be heard are just as important for us as being well prepared for investment opportunities. And last but not least, we offer work that is rewarding, in a harmonious team with a friendly ambiance. 

Our philosophy at a glance

  • Customer-oriented employees
  • Dedicated teamwork, culture of constructive criticism and extensive communication
  • Innovative corporate culture with a harmonious work atmosphere 
  • Support in balancing profession and family 
  • High level of employee benefits 
  • Everyone has the right to voice an opinion 
  • Voluntary profit sharing for all employees

Sustainably into the future

Ecology and economics will go hand in hand in the future. For us they already do: We also optimize our work in terms of the environment, every day and at each location. Our products have a long service life and are designed to use resources sparingly. Weighing in the work process ensures for a reduction in CO2 emissions, which is part of the reason why we are continuously enhancing our technology.

Our buildings are optimized for saving energy, which contributes to environmental protection, as do our measures for preserving the habitat of insects and birds.

To manage our resources even more sustainably, PFREUNDT has successfully participated in the "ÖKOPROFIT" (Ecological Project for Integrated Environmental Technology). This is a co-operative project in which the Business Development Agency of the Borken district and participating companies work closely together. All the environmentally-relevant topics that are of interest to the participants are covered in joint workshops over a period of one year. 

Sustainability at a glance

  • Products with a long service life that use resources sparingly
  • Reduced CO2 emissions 
  • Energy-efficient company buildings to save energy 
  • Measures to preserve the habitat of flora and fauna

Digitization: The future at PFREUNDT is now

As a world market leader focused on the future, we capitalize on the opportunities of digitization for improving internal processes and developing business models that are fit for the future. In the "AnGeWaNt" applied research project (Work on calibrated scales for hybrid weighing services on commercial vehicles) we examine hybrid business models of the future as part of a funding project and implement them in prototypes.

In collaboration with researchers at the University of Münster, we developed a camera-based inspection system for quality control that is successfully used in our manufacturing. Digital quality management is lived everywhere in the company and digital training platforms are used extensively.

Digitization at a glance

  • Research projects for quality assurance and control
  • Improvement of internal processes through digitization 
  • Development of future business models thanks to the latest technologies