Ideally equipped In every sector – with weighing technology from PFREUNDT

Durable PFREUNDT weighing systems are suitable for countless applications and ensure great advantages in any industry. For extraction, disposal and recycling, industry or agriculture – our state-of-the-art products boost both efficiency and cost-effectiveness. In particular our customizable system solutions, which can be adapted to any kind of operating processes, save time and money.


Optimize processes with mobile weighing technology

Extraction has never been so easy! With innovative PFREUNDT weighing technology you can weigh uniformly – digitally and precisely. In this way you ensure not only greater cost-effectiveness, but also reliability in goods transfer.

Disposal and recycling

Make the leap into digitization with PFREUNDT

Collecting, sorting, preparation and transport – we have the right weighing solution for every process step along the way. Using our technology, the operator of a disposal and recycling company can weigh accurately, thereby saving time and money. All weighing data is immediately available digitally!


Robust weighing technology for fast results

Even under the toughest conditions, durable PFREUNDT weighing technology is always reliable. Ensure accurate weighing results you can access in real time with our state-of-the-art products. Learn now how you can boost the efficiency of your industrial enterprise almost effortlessly!

Agriculture and farming

Increasing yield sustainably and efficiently

Smart farming ensures food production that uses resources sparingly yet is still efficient. Modern agriculture combined with state-of-the-art weighing technology – the basis for optimizing the value-added chain in every kind of agricultural operation.