Exact weighing data combined with a digital connection through the cloud – with our WK60 you are connecting to the best in weighing technology and digitization.

Our many years of know-how and the experience of our customers have been incorporated into the development of this weighing unit.

With the WK60 we have created a product that ensures maximum flexibility in your operation and is perfectly adapted to your requirements with optimum data availability. You decide which features and requirements are important for your operating processes. We can provide advice and support for you in making this decision.

You also remain flexible if you change vehicles: The recorded data is retained intact and the existing scale can be mounted in the new vehicle.

Your advantages at a glance

  • Pre-calibration ex works enables easy and fast installation
  • Data availability in real time with the PFREUNDT Web Portal
  • All movements of your goods can be precisely tracked
  • Master data and order data management with just a few clicks
  • Save time with exact weighing for loading processes
  • WK60 is perfectly adapted to your requirements – you pay only for the features you need
  • Precise loading ensures overload protection and thus safety in traffic
  • If you change vehicles, the weighing data and scale can also be transferred

Maximum compatibility

With the WK60 we offer you a manufacturer-independent weighing technology for all machines in your vehicle fleet. With our technology you no longer have to choose between scale models with defined technical properties.

You define the relevant weighing data you want to record for your operation – we put together your scale individually. Additional features can be flexibly enabled at any time.

Perfect for your requirements

You determine the basic scope of your scale. Should it be legal for trade? With the PFREUNDT WK60 we adapt flexibly to your requirements.

All versions of the WK60 are already equipped with extensive options in the basic version, but can also be adapted to special requirements and operating processes thanks to many additional features. After the scale is purchased, it can still be retrofitted or upgraded with features or model upgrades.

Optimum data availability

Develop clear competitive advantages by digitizing your weighing systems. The basic version of the WK60 is already equipped with WLAN, which makes it possible to connect to the PFREUNDT Web Portal. This allows for automatic data exchange with mobile scales – you can track your weighing data in real time from anywhere and at any time.

You can view the Web Portal securely and in compliance with data protection requirements in the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone. With individual evaluation functions, reports and interfaces for further processing in the customers' own systems, you are optimally equipped for the future of weighing.

Technical data

Large selection of models and features

The WK60 series includes five basic versions of the WK60-XS up to and including the fully equipped WK60. This wide selection give you very high coverage for basic requirements, which you can fill out with the wide range of additional features.

The selection of features includes all processes related to weighing:

  • Greater amount of master data and weighing data
  • Different possibilities for data exchange
  • Additional interfaces
  • Additional attachment devices
  • Weighing data statistics
  • Renaming and linking of master data types


PFREUNDT system solutions

weighing data acquisition

Simplify your elaborate and time-intensive work processes with digital and networked weighing data acquisition. Whether it be a standard solution or a customized solution for your complete process chain – with trend-setting PFREUNDT weighing technology you save time and money.


A scope unique in the industry

Personal consultation, service provided to customers and the resulting satisfaction are top priorities for PFREUNDT. We are at your side as a reliable partner, from determining your needs to implementing them and providing continuous support through our technical support and service teams. 

The PFREUNDT Web Portal

Get started with your digital future

We make your digital weighing data available in real time, setting up the connections and interfaces needed to do this. Technologies including GPS, mobile phone and WLAN are used. Test the PFREUNDT Web Portal now, free of charge!