Mobile weighing technologies for loading, transport and digital process solutions – to make extraction as easy as can be

Rugged, durable and effective – you can rely on that for innovative PFREUNDT scales. With the many different requirements for material weighing in the extraction industry, reliable and precise scales are indispensable.

Mobile PFREUNDT weighing systems offer completely new possibilities for precise weighing of materials in terms of digitizing the process chain to make it run more efficiently.

In addition to the advantages in your own operation, working with logistics and sub-contractors is significantly easier: With the enormous quantities of building materials involved, safety must be ensured while transporting goods. Exact weighing is indispensable for transport and is ensured directly in the loading process by precise mobile weighing systems.

If orders are assigned to sub-contractors, all material flows and the entire extraction process can be tracked. This fosters trust on both sides.

PFREUNDT WK60 series

Flexible, future-proof, manufacturer-independent and legal for trade

  • The first step in the direction of digitization in the extraction industry
  • Efficient loading through maximum utilization
  • Assessment of Conformity by PFREUNDT
  • Automation of weighing processes
  • Data management with the PFREUNDT Web Portal
  • Faster handling with integrated scale

Whatever your needs, for checkweighing or legal-for-trade weighing in transactions that must meet weighing requirements: With economical and sustainable PFREUNDT solutions you are ideally equipped in the extraction industry. For future challenges as well

For easy, precise and effective weighing, the WK60 series is available in different versions, perfectly tailored to your requirements. Learn more now about the WK60 – the heart of our mobile weighing solutions.

Product portfolio

Products in the extraction industry

For our customers in the extraction industry we develop highly reliable and effective mobile and stationary weighing systems. We offer a wide range of weighing solutions for every process in the processing chain. Learn more about our product portfolio.

System solutions

Digitization in the extraction industry: With networked weighing data acquisition along the entire process chain we make you fit for the future

Weighing 4.0 stands for simplified operating procedures and digitization of processes. Save time, money and personnel overhead in your existing logistics processes.

With PFREUNDT you receive a uniform mobile weighing system that is compatible with all commonly used vehicles in your vehicle fleet.  An overview of all digital weighing data is available in our PFREUNDT Web Portal. Data is transferred directly from the PFREUNDT weighing systems to the portal, where it is available immediately for further processing or evaluation. No only will you gain greater perspective and optimized planning, you will also recognize potentials from individual analyses and reports as the basis for your decisions.

These and other advantages will be yours: