The PFREUNDT wheel loader scale

Simple, manufacturer-independent, flexible and future-proof! For easy, precise and effective weighing, the wheel loader scale WK60 is available in different versions – WK60, WK60-S, WK60-Smart and WK60-XS. All versions are already extensively equipped in the basic version and can be adapted to special requirements and operating processes with many additional features. 

Your advantages at a glance

  • Easy access through your web browser 
  • Encrypted, secure data exchange 
  • Customer-specific settings  
  • Performance overview of the scales (monitoring)
  • Multilingual capability 

Functional overview

  • Legal for trade with Assessment of Conformity by PFREUNDT
  • Precise weighing technology for use under the harshest conditions
  • Dynamic weighing in the work process for faster and more accurate loading
  • Touch display for easy and intuitive operation
  • Extensive and adaptable master data and weighing data management
  • Scales can be installed and converted without difficulty in vehicles of different manufacturers
  • Expanded function: Speed Weigh Technology (SWT) – even faster weighing

Scope of delivery

  • WK60 electronics
  • 2 pressure sensors
  • 2 proximity switch
  • 1 antenna
  • Plus 1 tilt sensor for legal-for-trade scales
  • Up to 3 tilt sensors for the SWT measurement principle

Optional accessories

  • Printer
  • Weighing tickets and weighing ticket box

To order your weighing tickets simply contact They can be customized to your preferences.

Product film

Speed Weigh Technology - the fastest way to weigh

Learn more in the video about Speed Weigh Technology, a measuring system developed by PFREUNDT which simplifies and speeds up weighing processes. With this technology, the measuring area no longer has to be completely traversed during the weighing process. As a result, the weight display is faster and even more precise weighing results are generated on uneven terrain.

WK60 interfaces

A variety of connections to digitize your requirements

From the printer connection to a system solution and on to a complete process chain – you can digitize your operations step by step with our WK60 series.

Start digitizing your company with the WK60. You can begin by connecting a printer: You also receive analog weighing tickets, but you can save the data digitally in the same step. In the next step you use the various interfaces for data exports and valuable analyses of your material turnover. Finally, connecting to the Web Portal maximizes your options for evaluating and tracking data on all terminal devices – which will allow you to digitize the entire process chain.

As you can see, with the PFREUNDT WK60 you always remain flexible. Thanks to the numerous connection options you can make the change from analog weighing tickets to the PFREUNDT Web Portal with no problems. You do not need any additional hardware for this and there is no need to change the way you are operating the WK60.

Our levels of digitization


Direct weighing ticket display in the process chain on the WK60 screen – the values can be printed directly on a weighing ticket.


In addition to modern, automated interfaces we also offer you PDF and Excel exports for manual data processing.

Web Portal

As a browser-based platform, the PFREUNDT Web Portal offers maximum data availability at any time, from anywhere and for all terminal devices.

System solutions
Process chain

Simplify your elaborate and time-intensive work processes with digital and networked weighing data acquisition

Customer comment

"PFREUNDT has met all the challenges quickly and in a solution-oriented manner.
We are now benefiting from digitally connecting our wheel loader and stationary scales."

Alexander Varwerk, Managing Director

Machulez Transport GmbH

The PFREUNDT Web Portal

Get started with your digital future

We make your digital weighing data available in real time, setting up the connections and interfaces needed to do this. Technologies including GPS, mobile phone and WLAN are used. Test the PFREUNDT Web Portal now, free of charge!

PFREUNDT system solutions

Networked weighing data acquisition

Simplify your elaborate and time-intensive work processes with digital and networked weighing data acquisition. Whether it be a standard solution or a customized solution for your complete process chain – with trend-setting PFREUNDT weighing technology you save time and money.


A scope unique in the industry

Personal consulting and customer satisfaction are top priorities for PFREUNDT. We are at your side as a reliable partner, from determining your needs to implementing them and providing continuous support through our technical support and service teams. 


Trend-setting weighing technology for all industries

Better weighing with the latest technology in all industries.

For loading, transport or digital process solutions: With PFREUNDT you have innovative weighing solutions for today and for the challenges of the future. Save time and money with our tailor-made solutions – because we know what matters in your industry. 

Learn more about the extensive product portfolio of PFREUNDT for your industry: