Efficient mobile weighing systems for more yield and sparing use of resources

Agriculture 4.0 meets weighing 4.0 – today Germany is already considered one of the leading countries in agricultural technology.

Digitization not only contributes to more sustainable and transparent production of agricultural products, it also reduces the burden of physical activities and optimizes the value-added chain. With our networked weighing data acquisition we make you fit for the future!

With our weighing technology, even small and mid-sized agricultural operations are able to operate efficiently with high yields and sparing use of resources. Save time and money with our individual components and on up to an extensive system solution: Generate added value through smart networking of your agricultural machines.

Someone who works hard day in and day out should have an easy option when it comes to weighing: We are happy to support you in digitizing your agricultural operation with our comprehensive personal service.

PFREUNDT WK60 series

Flexible, future-proof, manufacturer-independent and legal for trade

  • The first step in the direction of modern agricultural technology that is right for your location and uses resources sparingly
  • Efficient loading through maximum utilization
  • Digitization of weighing processes
  • Data management with the PFREUNDT Web Portal
  • Faster handling with your PFREUNDT scale

Whatever your needs, for checkweighing or legal-for-trade weighing in transactions that must meet weighing requirements: With economical and sustainable PFREUNDT solutions you are ideally equipped in the agricultural industry. For future challenges as well

For easy, precise and effective weighing, the WK60 series is available in different versions, perfectly tailored to your requirements. Learn more now about the WK60 – the heart of our mobile weighing solutions.

Products in agriculture and farming

For our customers in the agricultural sector we develop highly reliable and effective mobile and stationary weighing systems. We offer a wide range of weighing solutions for every process in the processing chain. Learn more about our product portfolio.

System solutions

Digitization in agriculture: With networked weighing data acquisition along the entire process chain we make you fit for the future

More than half the agricultural operations in Germany are already using digital solutions – what are you waiting for? Ensure easier work processes now with networked weighing data acquisition along the entire process chain and boost your competitiveness at the same time. Our weighing data acquisition will result in new work processes that will save you a lot of time.

Our weighing system is also practical for smaller operations: With digital cross-operation approaches, machines can often be shared by several farmers. Different profiles can be saved and kept clearly separate with our smart WK60 scale.

These and other advantages will be yours: