Fast and reliable calibration service from PFREUNDT

PFREUNDT GmbH is represented worldwide for weighing technology with its stationary and mobile units. We organize the assessment of conformity and calibration with a team of experienced experts for our customer's weighing systems.

PFREUNDT offers complete calibration service from a single source: The flexible teams of technicians in the calibration center on Robert Bosch Street provide Assessments of Conformity and calibration, checkweighing and readjustments. Assessments of Conformity and calibrations can also be performed on site at customer locations. The comprehensive service for calibration and follow-up inspection supports your company through the entire process of commissioning a weighing system, from placing the order to planning and implementation: The experts at PFREUNDT take care of all administrative matters for you. With optimized processes and constant attention to sustainable, efficiently planned and timed approaches, PFREUNDT is setting standards in service. 

Your advantages at a glance

  • Unique in Germany: Calibration service on site at your company
  • Your machines are not down for days
  • No need to go to the testing center – PFREUNDT comes to you
  • PFREUNDT takes care of organizing and scheduling for you
  • Large fleet with 6 calibration vehicles
  • Experienced service technicians know your machines – that saves time

The Assessment of Conformity, step by step:
Starting signal for your new scale

Planning and installation of a new scale are complete, now comes an indispensable step for placing the scale in operation: After the order is received, the dispatcher contacts you. We arrange an appointment with you and the calibration application is filed.

Of course all communication is included in our customer service package. After the appointment is confirmed in writing our service technicians install the scale. To be able to prevent weight differences that may arise later due to friction in the lifting system, the Assessment of Conformity is conducted about four weeks later. As a precondition, the scale must have been in use for at least 150 hours. From that moment on, the scale can be used in commercial business for two years. 



Your advantages at a glance

  • Flexible scheduling with a clear time advantage: Pfreundt is authorized to perform Assessments of Conformity without an employee of the calibration office being present.
  • Fast, flexible service: PFREUNDT always has six calibration vehicle drivers available and ready for use.
  • Safety through experience: With our experience you save time and money compared to the traditional procedure.


The PFREUNDT calibration service

Every two to three years a scale that is used for commercial business must be calibrated. PFREUNDT takes care of all services for you including filing the application, planning and implementation.

When calibration is due we contact our customers by e-mail to remind them of the legally required inspection. You can now order a calibration online. Our dispatchers confirm the order, file the application for the calibration and arrange the appointment with you.

On the scheduled date the service technician comes to your location and accompanies the calibration on site. The calibration official calibrates the scale and attaches the mandatory sticker. This concludes the inspection and the machine is ready to use for two to three years. 

Your advantages at a glance

  • All scheduling is arranged by dispatchers
  • Savings potential, for example by combining several inspections at a location to eliminate technician travel expenses
  • Experienced technicians familiar with all the intricacies of the weighing system are on hand for the calibration

Your contact persons

"We accompany you reliably with the service you need through the calibration process."

Mike Kitzinger and Jens Lange

Contact persons for PFREUNDT calibration services

Telephone: +49 (0) 28 62 / 98 07-0

The PFREUNDT Web Portal

Get started with your digital future

We make your digital weighing data available in real time, setting up the connections and interfaces needed to do this. For example, our technology can be networked via GPS, mobile phone and WLAN. Test the PFREUNDT Web Portal now, free of charge!

PFREUNDT system solutions

Networked weighing data acquisition

Simplify your elaborate and time-intensive work processes with digital and networked weighing data acquisition. Whether it be a standard solution or a customized solution for your complete process chain – with trend-setting PFREUNDT weighing technology you save time and money.