PFREUNDT launches innovative weighing solutions for conveyor belts on the market

The new PFREUNDT WK60 belt scale enables dynamic weighing of continuous material flows directly in the working and weighing process.

PFREUNDT, innovation leader in the market of mobile weighing systems, presents the WK60 belt scale, a pioneering weighing system for the dynamic weighing of continuous material flows, which convinces with precise measurement results, digital weighing data acquisition and intuitive operation.

The WK60 belt scale can be flexibly adapted to individual operating procedures and customer requirements. Thus, the scale can be installed in stationary conveyor belt systems as well as in mobile screening and crushing plants. Thanks to its special design with a very low installation height, it can also be easily retrofitted into existing conveyor belts from a wide range of manufacturers. In addition, up to four conveyor belts operating within one plant can be shown via weighing electronics. If the inclination of the belts used is adjustable, an inclination measuring system is also installed for correction calculation. In this way, the WK60 belt scale records continuous material flows precisely and reliably at all times, independent of the machine type, and provides information, for example, on the current production quantity / belt, the daily output / belt and the conveying strength of the entire plant over the course of the day.

Download Productsheet Belt Scale

Save time and costs with the PFREUNDT WK60 belt scale

The PFREUNDT belt scale records weighing and production data directly in the work process. On the one hand, this enables fast and accurate loading of the conveyor belts, which accelerates logistical processes and optimally utilizes production capacities.

On the other hand, internal material movements can be traced - process transparency is increased. The analysis and evaluation of the data helps to optimize the operating processes, e.g. the avoidance of idle time - energy is saved, costs are reduced.

In addition, overloading is prevented by precise loading of the conveyor belts. Since overloading leads to long-term damage to the system and increased maintenance costs, the use of the belt scale extends the service life of the components in the long term - repair and maintenance costs are saved.

Digital weighing data in real time with the PFREUNDT Web Portal

PFREUNDT has developed a corresponding software solution for the administration, analysis and further processing of the recorded weighing data - the PFREUNDT Web Portal. The data recorded via the belt scale is transmitted to the Web Portal via an keyed data exchange and is available there almost in real time. Access to the browser-based platform is possible at any time and from anywhere - computer, tablet or smartphone. The recorded data can be individually evaluated or further processed. For further internal processing of the data, connection to company-specific software is flexible and simple.