Gebrüder Robers shorten logistics processes by retrofitting a PFREUNDT forklift scale

Gebrüder Robers is a packaging service provider with a broad wooden packaging portfolio. This ranges from pallets and crates to export packaging for worldwide shipping. The family-owned company packs a wide variety of goods for its customers in the mechanical engineering industry, from the smallest electrical parts to heavy gearboxes. At their plant in Südlohn, the Robers brothers have crane capacities of 3 t to 80 t and forklift capacities of 1 t to 8 t available for this purpose.

Calibratable PFREUNDT forklift scales can be retrofitted at any time in forklifts from a wide range of manufacturers

The Robers brothers have now equipped one of their forklifts with a PFREUNDT forklift scale. After initial doubts regarding the accuracy of the scale, Andre Tenk, managing director of the company, is now highly enthusiastic. "Previously, we weighed our packaged goods with a pallet truck equipped with a scale or recorded the weight of the loaded trucks via third-party weighings at a truck scale. We now save ourselves these trips. Because with the forklift scale, we now determine the weight of the goods directly during the loading process. This saves us not only time and money, but also CO2. The forklift scale is robust and weighs very precisely, even if the forklift is not quite level. The scale enables us to load our trucks optimally while complying with the axle loads and the permissible total weight. In this way, we avoid overloading the vehicles and thus incurring fees."

Advantages of the PFREUNDT hydraulic forklift scale at a glance

  • Shortened logistics or production process and precise loading of trucks through direct weighing within the work process
  • Easy access to the recorded weighing data via the web browser-based PFREUNDT Web Portal
  • Calibratable weighing technology of highest accuracy
  • Simple and intuitive operation via touch display
  • Can be retrofitted at any time in forklift trucks of various manufacturers, such as Jungheinrich, Still, Toyota, Hyster and Linde

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