Efficient order processing in construction traffic - with PFREUNDT Load & Go

Track the loading status live via smartphone and confirm the recorded weight digitally by signature - with the new PFREUNDT Load & Go web app, the innovation leader in the field of mobile weighing systems enables completely paperless order processing.

The automation of processes has already found its way into many areas of the construction industry. Nevertheless, there is still a lot of potential in the digitalization of manual and analog work processes, e.g. in the processing of orders.

With the new PFREUNDT Load & Go web portal feature, completely paperless order processing in construction traffic becomes possible. From order selection to the recording of weighing data to the generation and signing of the delivery note, the entire process is carried out digitally. The recorded load weight and the delivery note signature are transmitted in real time to the PFREUNDT Web Portal where they are available for further processing.

With PFREUNDT Load & Go the quantity of manual activities and thus the error potential in the processing of orders is reduced, the handling becomes more efficient. Plant safety is also increased, as truck drivers can track their loading status live via their smartphone and confirm it with a digital signature, eliminating the need to get out of the car.


PFREUNDT Load & Go - This is how it works


Step 1 - select order

  • The office employee enters the order data in the PFREUNDT Web Portal
  • The truck driver is shown all orders scheduled for him for this day in the PFREUNDT Load & Go web app on his smartphone
  • Arriving at the plant, the truck driver selects the corresponding order and can see all order data being relevant for him, e.g. customer data, ordered material, ordered quantity
  • The machine operator of the plant, e.g. a wheel loader driver loading the truck, sees the identical order data on his PFREUNDT WK60 weighing electronics

Step 2 - track loading live

  • During the loading of the truck, the weighing data is digitally recorded by the PFREUNDT WK60 electronic weighing system.
  • The truck driver can follow the loading in real time on his smartphone and has full transparency about the correct loading quantity

Step 3 - confirm digitally

  • The truck driver confirms the weighing data with a digital signature on his smartphone.
  • After delivering the loading to the customer, the customer also confirms receipt of the loading with a digital signature on the truck driver's smartphone.
  • The delivery bills including digital signatures are directly transferred to the PFREUNDT Web Portal and are available there for further processing.


All advantages at a glance

  • No more paperwork: weighing data and delivery note signatures are recorded digitally and can be retrieved at any time.
  • Compliance with accident prevention regulations: the risk of accidents is reduced because the truck driver no longer has to get out of the truck on the plant premises
  • Maximum efficiency through maximum transparency in real time: driver and office see all relevant data with PFREUNDT Load & Go and the PFREUNDT Web Portal

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