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Data sheet Wheel Loader Scale 0,5 MB Download Data sheet Forklift Scale 0,4 MB Download Data Sheet Telescopic Handler Scale 0,4 MB Download Data sheet Crane Scale 0,4 MB Download Data  
2. Home  
I am a friend of PFREUNDT, because the technology always works! I am a friend of PFREUNDT, because the solutions are ingeniously simple! I am a friend of PFREUNDT, because I have everything  
3. Weighing Tickets  
Your weighing ticket box PFREUNDT weighing ticket box for safe storage of your weighing tickets. Whether standard weighing tickets or with your individual company logo. The PFREUNDT weighing  
4. Axle Load Scale  
Easy. Intuitive Operation Simple installation Integrated entrances and exits Weighing. Dynamic weighing Special force transmission for precise weight determination Independent of  
5. Terms and Conditions  
Please download here: Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery of the Company Pfreundt GmbH (2011/06)        
6. Contact Sales +49 (0) 28 62 / 98 07-100 Service +49 (0) 28 62 / 98 07-200 Weighing tickets +49 (0) 28 62 / 98 07-600 Switchboard +49 (0) 28 62 / 98 07-0 PFREUNDT GmbH  
7. Events calendar  
18/10 - 20/10/2017 SIM 2017, Metz, F Industry: Mining 30/08 - 02/09/2017 Steinexpo, Homberg/Nieder-Ofleiden, D Industry: Mining 10/05-11/05/2017  
8. Calibration service  
The special service from PFREUNDT: the calibration service Benefits at a glance:    The PFREUNDT calibration vehicle comes to you with scale calibration weights and lifting  
9. Service network  
PFREUNDT Service network Worldwide service locations PFREUNDT worldwide Subsidiary/participation in Croatia and Italy Agencies in all EU States Agencies in the USA, Canada, South America Agencies  
10. Roll-off Dumper Scale  
Weighing electronics Proven system for long-term use Simple operation Connection to the PFREUNDT Web Portall Measuring elements ARK-2 High reliability Low dead weight Compact and robust  
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