PFREUNDT awarded “Sicher mit System” quality seal

PFREUNDT has set itself the objective of systematically integrating occupational health and safety into the company’s management and organisation in such a way as to preserve the health of all employees and their ability to work. Being awarded the “Sicher mit System” (“Systematic Safety”) quality seal is an important step toward reaching that objective.

Systematic occupational health and safety and an effective system for managing it mean: Making plans for safety and health protection in a targeted manner, systematically organising it, and carrying it out in a committed fashion as a management responsibility.

At PFREUNDT, Manfred Schlettert and Stephan Naber have taken on this responsibility by developing the occupational safety management system and integrating it at the company. The audit by the employers’ liability insurance association was intended to verify that all necessary measures have been implemented and are being applied in the day-to-day work environment. By interviewing management and the employees on site, the auditors were able to gain an understanding of how PFREUNDT practices occupational health and safety, reaching a very positive result so that at the end of the day, they were in good conscience able to award the “Sicher mit System” (or “SmS”) quality seal.

The certificate was officially presented to the responsible individuals by Dr Nowak of the BGHM (employers’ liability insurance association for the wood and metal industries) at the PFREUNDT plant in Südlohn on 31 August 2016. Dr Nowak once again emphasized that the company can be proud of what it had achieved, but that long-term success can be assured only if the effectiveness of occupational safety management is regularly reviewed and continually improved.

Manfred Schlettert, Mr. Dr. Nowak and Stephan Naber