PFREUNDT – International Distributors Meeting 2015

At the end of May, the international sales partners of the German specialist for machine-integrated scales and weighing systems met again at its headquarters in Südlohn (NRW).

Over 40,000 weighing systems of the German world market leader are used successfully worldwide in construction machinery, such as wheel loaders, excavators and dumper trucks, in belt conveyors of treat-ment and recycling facilities, as well as in various waste disposal vehicles.

On the first day of the event, immediately after the welcoming , there was a guided tour of the RWE open-cast mine in Garzweiler, west of Cologne, and to one of the regional customers Rheinische Baustoffwerke GmbH, who has been operating a variety of different scales from Südlohn for the marketing of extracted materials for many years. A live presentation of the new WK60 wheel loader scale and the system-integrated belt weighers was also given to the international partners. 

After the tour and following a hearty barbecue in the evening, the second day of the meeting at the Pfreundt factory was dedicated to organisational and technical innovations. The scales provider presented the new WK60 wheel loader scale and the "PFREUNDT Web Portal", which is the computer-independent Internet platform used for data exchange with the scales. In the technical department, the new structures, procedures and equipment for research and new developments were also presented. The representatives could witness first hand the effectiveness of individual approaches to development.

In the service department, the internal ticket system was presented, which incorporates the technical questions of customers and distribution partners automatically when calling or emailing the service hotline, for effective and reliable processing. Upcoming changes to further optimise the scheduling for installation, calibrations and customer service requests of the service technicians were also presented.

"With the further developments and product improvements in various areas, the new corporate design, which is already implemented on the new home page, and a new marketing concept, we have shown our distribution partners the new company strategy, and where we are going in the future," said Bruno Reck-mann, Head of Sales at Pfreundt. "Our overseas representatives were visibly impressed by the many de-velopments and new features at Pfreundt and see excellent marketing prospects for the systems in their countries. With the new products, our new organizational structure and the intensive support of our dis-tribution partners, together we are on the right track to achieve our planned growth targets at home and abroad."

PFREUNDT GmbH in Südlohn invited representatives to its international dealer meeting from May 28-30. The systems of the German scale specialist are successfully in use in around 40 countries on all continents. 30 representatives accepted the invitation to attend and experience many innovations in technology and organization.

As a leading supplier in the industry, the company has been listed in the lexicon of German world market leaders since 2010.

From the Skywalk, Pfreundt representatives were able to see the impressive size of the open-cast mine, west of Cologne, with its giant bucket-wheel excavators, the seemingly endless conveyor belts and other large machines.

In the Garzweiler open-cast mine alone, 7 of these bucket-wheel excavators are in use, the largest being 100 m high and weighing 13,000 tonnes, with its 96 km belt conveyors and 6 so-called spreaders.  Each year, between 130-150 million cubic metres of overburden and 35-40 million tonnes of brown coal is excavated; the coal is then fed to the power stations for electricity generation and the overburden on the other side of the mine is backfilled.

Rheinische Baustoffwerke GmBH market the raw materials from the overburden using networked wheel loader scales, conveyor scales and vehicle weighbridges made by PFREUNDT.

The new PFREUNDT WK60 wheel loader scale was tested by Rheinische Baustoffwerke GmBH and put through its paces under real conditions. The representatives were impressed by its precision, reliability and intuitive operation.

After the tour, new developments and current research projects were discussed in detail, and representatives were able to test for themselves individual development approaches in the machines.

The PFREUNDT Web Portal – as Internet software – enables location and time-independent access to the weighing data in all integrated scales. The data is displayed in clearly arranged tables and graphs, and can be forwarded for further processing via the interface.

As Head of Sales, Bruno Reckmann counts on the close cooperation with international sales partners and their support to achieve the planned objectives.