PFREUNDT Meeting of Representatives in Denmark

PFREUNDT's Scandinavian sales partners came together in Aarhus, Denmark, on 23 + 24 November 2017. Kim Forsberg, PFREUNDT's longtime representative in Finland, Scanvaegt employees Patrik Wahlgren from Sweden and Geirr Franang from Norway were among those who accepted Scanvaegt Denmark's invitation to Aarhus. During this first meeting, the main topic was the changes in the mobile weighing technology market in Scandinavia.

On the first evening, everyone got to know each other better over a pleasant meal in Aarhus's city centre. The next morning, everyone made their way to Scanvaegt Denmark's headquarters, where a tour introduced everyone to the company and its employees. After a presentation of the individual companies, there was an intensive exchange of views on PFREUNDT scales, the market and competitors in their home countries.

Finally, all of the participants agreed that they wanted to arrange regular meetings of this kind.