Ten years of PFREUNDT Croatia

To mark the tenth anniversary of PFREUNDT d.o.o. in Croatia and the opening of the new company building, Manager Predrag Kopun extended invitations to a party on 2 June 2017.

The celebration was attended by a host of guests, business partners and customers including, of course, Ludger Wissing, Managing Director of PFREUNDT, and several colleagues from Südlohn. 

Guests were also given a tour of the new company building, whose design references the headquarters of PFREUNDT in Südlohn. Many elements that have proven successful in Südlohn were also incorporated here. Both buildings were designed by the architect Franz-Josef Hölker, who also oversaw their construction. He also attended the celebration in Croatia, where he had the opportunity to admire the flawless building again.

In a short address Ludger Wissing looked back over the last 10 years and a highly successful collaboration. PFREUNDT d.o.o. in Croatia was founded in 2007 to serve the burgeoning south-east European market and also caters for the neighbouring countries of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo. Over 170 customers with more than 600 scales are testament to the success of its sales and service strategy. Customers can take advantage of local expertise geared to the precise requirements of the country. Ludger Wissing thanked Predrag Kopun and his staff for their unstinting commitment. And if anyone is in need of a little breather they can now relax on the new PFREUNDT bench. This specially commissioned seat is a gift from Südlohn and now adorns the new building.

In the evening, the official celebration got underway with local delicacies and drinks. A small traditional Croatian music ensemble provided a wonderful atmosphere. At the end of the day everyone agreed that they had enjoyed a great event and looked forward to making a return visit.