A ceremony for long-serving PFREUNDT employees

They say that the only constant is change. But there are exceptions! Whilst some things have altered over the years at PFREUNDT, there are also many important constants – for example, the long-serving employees whose steadfast commitment has underpinned the company's success.

"This year PFREUNDT has celebrated eleven long-service anniversaries.

At a low-key ceremony on 08.12.2016 Ludger Wissing and Anja Schemmick presented gifts to these employees and thanked them for their unstinting commitment and outstanding work. Ludger Wissing and Anja Schemmick played a special role because, in addition to presenting these gifts, they were also among those honoured.

The following employees were honoured:"

30 years - Anja Schemmick, Ludger Wissing

25 years - Christel Jägers, Thomas Kaiser, Karl Margrandner, Marion Vogtt, Michael Wander, Frank Winkler

20 years - Manfred Schlettert

10 years - Ulrich Siewer, Margret Tenhagen