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USB interface for Wheel loader scales WK50 and WK50-S

The new data transmission option for PFREUNDT Wheel loader scalesWK50 and WK50-S  

for the data transfer via USB-Stick
With the neu USB interface Master- and Weighing data now can be optionally transfered via USB-Stick between PC and Wheel loader scale.

The system can also be easily retrofitted in existing scales - a software update and a recalibration are required.

CSV-Data format
Transfer your master and weighing data simply in a defined CSV format. Create your evaluations in your favorite PC software.

The data exchange via USB-Stick between WK50/WK50-S and the PC-Software pOffice is also available.

• Dimensions: 80 x 65 x 35 mm (L x W x H)
• USB plug: Typ A
• Connection at WK50: seriell, internal
• required hardware: WK50/WK50-S, USB-Stick
• required software version: from WK50-RAD-STD-009-2.00
• Data format: CSV

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